They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Whoever quoted that was a little off. A picture is worth way more than just 1,000 words. A picture is more than the words it produces. The beauty about photography is being able to capture a moment and preserve it forever. I first fell in love with photography when I bought myself my first point and shoot camera in college. I loved the idea of being able to freeze a moment in time and always being able to revisit it no matter how old. I love the fact that the human eye holds so many stories good and bad. To be able to look into someone's eyes and see what they've seen and portray what you see as the photographer on a photo.   

I'm a Photographer based out of the Northern Virginia area specializing in portrait photography. Ive been blessed with the opportunity to photograph newborns, children, weddings, maternity, couples, real estate, music artists and many different occasions and different settings. The type of photos I love to take are those that are deep, full of love and emotion and that show you for who you really are.  Whether it be at my studio in Virginia or outside on location. 

I specialize in photo editing and retouching using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom on Mac OS. Every shoot is private and personal and will not be shared with anyone else unless you give me permission to share on my online portfolio. I photograph by profession and every single shoot is a new adventure and a new lesson. When I take a photo of you I capture your dreams, your thoughts, your wants and desires. We all have a story to tell and my job is tell your story through photo. I'd love to sit here and tell you more about me but I'd rather show you more about me through my work, so please enjoy.  :) 




Ashburn, VA 20148

Email: info@taylorsimsphotog.com 


Instagram: TaylorSimsPhotography

Facebook:  Taylor M Sims Photography

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At the beginning.  Photo by Taylor Sims Photography 

At the beginning.  Photo by Taylor Sims Photography