New Equipment

Few weeks ago I decided to upgrade my set up and completely switch over to the dark side! 

I switched to the Sony MIRRORLESS system.  I switched for a few reasons but mainly for the focus system Sony offers.  Especially the Eye AF feature which allows you to continuously focus on your subjects eye every single time you compose your shot.  I am upgrading from a Canon 6D. I love Canon and Canon will always have a special place in my heart but I it only has 6 focus points and I would always have to recompose my shot so that the subjects eye was in focus and not their nose or forehead.  Doesn't sound like much to you now but pick up a 6D and see how limiting the focus points really.  Sony just makes it seamless and has really been a game changer for me.  I upgraded to the Sony A7RII.  I also purchased a 85mm G-Master lens.  While I was at it, since I was upgrading everything I decided to upgrade my MacBook Pro to the new 2016 15 inch model.  Its been great and since this camera output 42.4 megapixels I needed something to handle my files.  I can easily move between Adobe Lightroom & Photo Shop without a lag. 

See below just a few pictures I took of my new equipment.